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Go Green & Save With Solar

This is an extra environmentally-sustainable service that Farah offers to help more homeowners save more financially on their electricity costs.

When you switch to solar you can generate & store your own power, all while saving the planet. The benefits of solar are guaranteed savings on electricity costs, especially long-term. Including protection against rising utility rates, inflation, & power outages. Reduce your bills. Reinvest your savings back into what matters the most to you & your family! If you ever move again, transferability 
​is hassle-free. Solar panels can also increase your home resale value, making your property more attractive to buyers.

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Forest Trees


"SF Silicon Valley Solar is committed to assisting homeowners, non-profits, and business owners in their journey towards sustainable energy solutions. Our mission is to help every client save more money financially while fostering strong relationships. We highly value and are driven to uphold quality professionalism plus efficient project management. This is what separates us from any competition in this industry. By delivering exceptional service, we strive to empower our customers to embrace solar power as the world evolves in this direction. Making a positive impact on both your energy costs and the environment."

Switch To Solar

Save on energy costs. Save the planet.

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