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Unlike many other real estate companies...

Farah DeGuzman Real Estate is founded on purposefully & genuinely serving a greater cause

Not only in the client's home life, but beyond it. 


Farah DeGuzman Real Estate is an original, philanthropic company dedicated to improving the world & contributing to communities. By starting where it matters the most first. At
A person’s safe space & the environment where people & families can grow & thrive.

Furthermore, per every closed transaction, a fraction of net income will be donated to any presented charity organization that clients can then choose from. To additionally improve the lives of more people, in more communities.

This is why as a professional Realtor, Farah aims to truly serve as many as she possibly can
across the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Turning houses into homes, by helping people & families happily move.

Not just into new homes. But into new life chapters. With ease.

Helping people & families
build wealth today— & for generations™— 
through her specialized real estate expertise.

Successfully helping clients achieve their real estate needs & the American dream!

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